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Eye see work, therefore I read?

Eye appointment on Wednesday went okay. I can wear my contacts again, but only for limited times. I go back to see the doctor again in three months to check performance of my eyes. In the mean time, I have to put eye drops in my eye every two hours when wearing contact lenses, every four hours when I'm not, and LacriLube at night. Joy.

While talking with the doc, I found out that lasik is definitely not an option for me. She also mentioned Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) surgery, or possibly Verisyse implantable contact lenses. Neither of these is covered through my docotor, so I'd have to bear the whole cost of the operaton. Not thinking anything more about this until after the new year.

Had my interview yesterday. I think generally it went well. There are a few questions that I might have answered differently in retrospect, but hey, that's life. I won't konw for at least two weeks, probably more.

There's a woot-off going on right now too!

If you haven't gotten a RSS/Atom/feed reader yet, and don't use LJ for this, you might want to check out Google Reader. I personally found the interface very comfortable. But I've gotten very used to reading everything here on LJ, so going to yet another web site to get this info isn't likely to happen for me. But if you people out there, I'd recommend it.


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Oct. 13th, 2006 04:33 pm (UTC)
*squints at post*
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