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Bang the rocks together...

The manager who is in charge of our messaging and scheduling system (who am I kidding -- our MS Exchange system) just sent out a note asking what people's availability was for a week out. Hello? There is a whole basic function called CALENDAR... it's in the application that YOUR GROUP is responsible for engineering and maintaining. Of course, there is now a flood of people who are responding, and offering different times. Oy.

I get to go toe-to-toe with an auditor today, who claims that several of my machines don't have certain security updates on them. Of course, I have the log files from the installations, as well as other reports that tell me these updates were installed some time back. *sigh* And of course, I have to do this in full view of the client, so I have to be fairly nice in saying that the auditor is wrong.

Yeah... I got nothing.