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HSX ramblings

This weekend, Harry Potter opens. The stock for the $80M Call (HP2CA), cashes out Monday. If the film makes anything over $82 this weekend, I make money. History shows me that I'll make money, since the first film pulled in $90.295 million. However, the stock is currently declining because it got inflated. It's now at H$10.06, which means that people buying right now are hoping the film takes in more than $90.06 million this weekend. If this stays steady till 9 PM when trading stops, that would give me a profit of H$80,600.00, or 403%.

My Alan Rickman stock (ARICK) should also shoot up, because they adjust based on the last five movies the actor starred in. A movie that only racked in $870,290 will be replaced with a movie that is probably going to be in the $90 million dollar range. Oh yeah baby... I'm lovin' that! And with 11,000 shares, about a third of my money is tied up there, so I'll probably be selling it after the readjust...

Next weekend, Die Another Day (JB20) opens. The only stock I have here is the actual movie stock, which is what I purchased when I first opened my HSX account. I now have 3,000 shares at an average price of $23.92 a share. Sunday, the stock price will be adjusted based on the priliminary sales numbers times 2.9. So if this film makes less than $1 million dollars, I eek out a profit. BTW, the stock is currently at H$110.29, which means that people are expecting this film to make about $38 million next weekend. If things don't change between now and then, I'll be bringing in H$259,110.00 profit on my investment, or 361%.

Things to note

  • I got in on HP2CA the opening day, which was only last week. This is a quick turnaround, high profit deal.

  • I got in on JB20 when I first started, and held this for a very long time. My patience will pay off next weekend, one way or another.

  • Gee, and people wonder why, as soon as JB21 IPOd, I jumped in with another 3,000 shares. This untitled film, still in development, has already earned me a 3% profit, having purchased it at H$58.70. It's another long holder....

  • I thought the same was going to happen to Austin Powers 4 (AUST4), but that stock has gone down so far. We'll see, because I'm holding that one long too.

Man, I wish the real market was this predictable!