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Update on Jen's accident

First, thanks for all of you who sent along thoughts and wishes in the last post.

So Jen was sitting at a red light. A Benz stopped behind her, also waiting for the red light. Jen hears tires screeching, a crunch, and then is thrown forward herself. After it registered that she was hit, the light turned green, and Jen pulled off the major street to the side street, and the Benz followed. The Ford Focus, which hit the Benz, did not appear to do the same. However, someone saw everything happen and told Jen and the Benz driver that the Focus was in the parking lot on the other side of the street. The witness drove off without anyone getting their info (grr), but by then the Benz driver had already called 911 thinking this was a hit and run.

Anyway, long story short, the Focus owner had just bought the car, but his friend was driving. Friend claimed that he tried to stop the car a long tiem back, but it just wouldn't. Eveyone had insurance, but the Focus insurance is one of those "Oh you bought a car and didn't already plan for insurance so buy this coverage so you can take your car off the lot" type of insurance. Uh-oh. The owner of the Focus stated he felt very dizzy, though calmed down a bit later. The Benz driver said the impact was great enough for her to hit the steering wheel. She felt soreness in her teeth (probably from clenching) and neck. Jen had a splitting headache, soreness in teeth, and minor soreness in her back.

As for the damage to vehicles, it's a mixed bag. Jen's bumper had a noticable impact from the Benz's front plate -- especially the bolts that hold the plate in. The front of the Benz didn't appear to be bad. The bumper, however, was fairly well scraped up. It looked like there was a gap of about an inch between the bumper and the rest of the vehicle. The front of the Focus wasn't *that* bad from what I could tell. Mind you, it was pretty dark outside so I couldn't get a great look. Basically, from what I could tell, the Focus hit and slid under the bumper of the Benz, but with enough force to have the Benz hit Jen's car straight on.

We opened an insurance claim last night, mainly to make sure that this was documented in case Jen had any medical issues as a result. When I talked to her this morning , she did say that her back was a bit sore. =( She is going to a body shop today to have an "official" look at the damage and get an idea of the price. If we choose to get this fixed, we could either use our policy (with deductable) or try to get the Focus' policy to cover it (without deductable). Won't know more until Jen gets back from the body shop...



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Nov. 16th, 2006 12:08 am (UTC)

Fingers crossed that the insurance companies of the world manage to sort it out not-too-painfully, and continued good luck on the roads for the future.
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