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Bored at lunch

Doesn't Heather, the gal who does the Friday Five (from FridayFive.org), realize that taking off until the end of the year could very well be the death knell of her gig? Frankly, I'm surprised someone else hasn't really stepped up the promotion of a new F5 listing and tried to get people to do it. This would be a prime time for that....

Compliation of individual Friday Fives, based on if I want to answer the question or not. =)

1. What is within arm's reach of where you're at right now?: In no particular order: My laptop, docking station, montitor, speakers, Linux penguin slammer, Starbucks cup, water bottle, picture of Jen, a CD case, my pen, a highlighter, a big ol' binder clip, a spent battery, telephone with headset, stapler, two hard drives, tape dispenser, paper clip holder, dry erase marker, cell phone battery recharger, solar powered calculator, various papers, OmniSwitch 4 port, a Slinky, and a Koosh ball.

2. Why are you such a big boy?: Part of it is that I have been a bit overweight my entire life. But when I moved out of my parents house, I lived on fast food, and did that for practically 6 years. Now, I'm watching what I'm eating and had been losing weight. I've hit an irritating plateau of late, and that's been a mental stress I didn't need.

3. If you could remove any single channel from your cable system permanently, which one would it be?: One of the ones that I don't even list on my TiVo as a channel I receive. I literally have no idea what they are, so that's the only way to describe it.

4. Anybody you regret not going after in life? (Non-Celebrity): Yes, I regretted it up until I met Jen. I won't bore with details of people you don't know, but two were in high school, and two were in college. The two in college, I think, I could have had a chance with if I hadn't been ... well, stupid. =)

5. What did you buy today?: Uhm... nothing yet. I had oatmeal previously purchased for breakfast, and a Lean Cuisine Thai Style Chicken for lunch. Water's free, and I've been working. *shrug* OKAY so the ecomony going to hell is all my fault! I'm sorry! I'll go get a stick of gum or something! Scheesch.....