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Good: Work got me a new iPaq for me to use!
Bad: The model, which has been our standard, is being discontinued by Compaq/HP.
Ugly: My boss and several of my co-workers are getting the new models in for "evaluation" (read: to keep).

Good: SoCal got some needed rain a little bit ago.
Bad: My roof leaked in the garage around the skylight.
Ugly: $500 to fix, and the guy says to start saving for a new roof for the house.

Good: The new 210 freeway opened this weekend.
Bad: It doesn't go out to meet the 215 yet, so Jen can't easily take it to get to work.
Ugly: It won't expand until 2007.

Good: Jen and I sat down last night and did a financal roadmap for the next few years.
Bad: We're planning on a lot of money.
Ugly: I mean, a LOTof money.

Good: The Ontario Hooters is now opened.
Bad: I haven't been there yet.
Ugly: Probably won't for several months either.