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Well, that's done...

Those of you whom are on my friends list may remember a post I made back in Semptember about applying for a lead position in my group. At the time, this was a net-new position, meaning that there would be a new body coming into the group, or a new body to fill behind anyone who got a promotion. I haven't talked much (okay, at all) about this here, because there were other considerations that needed to be made.

Well, this week I'm in San Diego for a training class, and staying at the lovely hotel. BORING. Anyway, the boss wanted to meet with me for dinner yesterday, and I figured it was related to this job opening. Mind you, since the interview time, there was a hiring freeze put into place. Well, the meeting was making sure I was still interested, given that some factors have changed. The big factor is, frankly, that the hiring freeze changed this from a net-new position to a promotion only if I were to get the job. No new body, which we really need. Well, since she was paying for dinner and all, I thought it'd only be right to say I was still interested.

Tonight she called to formally offer me the position.

So now I'm the Desktop Engineering Lead, effective December 2. Yeah, I aparently got the job before it was offered to me, but that also means one additional pay period with the new salary, so I can handle that.

Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.
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