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Google-fication of Rialtus

I've written before about Google Reader (link) (link). That's right -- I dumped using LJ as my feed reader. Anyway, through Google Reader, I found an article giving tips about ... well, Google Reader.

And as promised, the blurb about my email. I have used mailshell.com as my email provider for my domain since the domain's inception in 2001. At the time, I was getting a heck of a deal, with a 50 MB email storage and disposable email accounts aplenty. Fast forward to late 2006 to an era where Google released 2 GB mail accounts, forcing Hotmail and Yahoo to bump their storage up. And how did mailshell.com respond? By doing absolutely nothing. Still have the same old 50 MB storage.

Not only that, but mailshell.com had been blacklisted somewhere along the line for spammage, so many of the emails I would send would end up in people's spam filters, especially with Postini. They also had issues with Verizon. See, while I have the master domain email, I set aside jen@ for my wife, and had anything that came in to that address sent directly to her Verizon based email, which has it's own 10 MB storage space. Well, twice in 2006, there were issues wherein everything from mailshell.com sent to Verizon would just be hard bounced. After a week or so, this would be cleared up, but in that time frame, no one could basically get a hold of my wife via email. It got bad enough that I ended up registering a different domain for my wife, and had all jen@ emails go to that domain's email box instead of Verizon.

Through all this, the people at mailshell.com were no help whatsoever. They do not have a phone contact, and they would not respond to email. I sent multiple request for this issue, and never heard anything from the multiple requests.

Then, in early December, mailshell.com unexpectedly went down "for maintenance". At first, it was two days, then operational. While they were down, mail queued, so at least I didn't lose email. I just couldn't get to it, and nor could Jen because he mail was stuck in queue. The service was restarted, and email came through. Well, until they had more "maintenance" issues, on and off for about week. Then, they were up for a day, and then down for a week. And again, no way to contact mailshell.com. This irritated me, but since I had already pre-paid with mailshell.com for some time, I didn't want to just abandon them.

Until ... Ben Cordingley showed me how he has registered his domains with Google Apps for Your Domain. With this, you can basically get Gmail accounts for each account you want, with each account having 2 GB storage. EACH. You can also have unlimited aliases, which makes it basically like disposable email accounts. Oh, and the price was right -- FREE.

So I willingly jumped ship from mailshell.com and their HORRIBLE service and moved my email over Google Apps for Your Domain. I still have about 2 years worth of service pre-paid at mailshell.com, which I now have to attempt to get refunded. This is, of course, assuming I can get in touch with them, considering they are once again down for "maintenance" and have been for several days now.

So here's the lesson - mailshell.com is very bad, and Google is really impressing me.

Did I mention that I'm not a fan of mailshell.com?