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Short/long takes

Why oh why did we do this?!?! This morning, Jen and I got up early and went shopping on this, the busiest shopping day of the year. Went first to Best Buy, where I was thinking of driley1 and how much it must suck to work at 6 am on this day. Went in looking for a KitchenAide mixer that Jen was eyeing. They had a 5 qt. mixer for 50% off. We got there at about 5:45 am, and the line to get into the store was almost around the building. We watched people going in the store, thinking that no one in their right mind would really go into Best Buy for a mixer when there were so many other good things on sale.

We finallly got to the end of the line at one point, and noticed a person walking out with two mixers. *gulp* Then another person walked out with another mixer. Now I'm starting to get a bit nervous. Finally got in, and went to where the mixers normally are, only to see none. *double gulp* Asked the sales associate if there were any more. She said there were not, but we might want to check over yonder. So we wandered over yonder to see three mixers up on a shelf, two on the bottom and one up top. The two we could see obviously were both 4 qt. mixers, which were NOT on sale. Well, that's that then. Or is it? Let me just check that last one.... 5 QT! It's the last one on sale! WOOOooooo.... So I stood in line whilst Jen went to Michael's and Joann Etc., both of which had 50% off items. that she wanted.

I was finally able to check out, which will garner me some Zone points and some $5 off coupons for future visits. Score! Went outside into the attempt at rain. Fine. Dropped off the mixer in the trunk of the car, picked up my umbrella and the Target ad. Wandered to the Target, which was conviently next door to the Best Buy. That long was half around the bulding, which was not bad at all. Target actually let people in early, so at 6:50 the line started moving. Got in and grabbed the four DVDs that I wanted, and checked out. After a trip to Starbucks, I got my butt home. In total, I saved about $220 off regular price. Jen also saved about $40 for her material. Go us!
If you haven't read the first note, I went out shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year. I've never gone out shopping on this fateful day, so I didn't know what to expect besides a lot of people. Honestly, I figured that everyone was pretty much going to be very rude and rushed. That's the impression I've gotten from TV and that group of people know as my friends. I was so pleasantly surprised that people were really, really NICE. No one was cutting in line, no one was grumpy. The people in the various lines were happy, talking, and just generally okay. I'm really glad to see that, and hope that everyone else had as good an experience on this horrible day. =)
Jen's cat has not been feeling too good lately. The last three days, she's been throwing up all over the house. The first day, I figured it was nerves because of the winds. Then she kept up the next day. Jen called the vet, and we changed the cat's diet per the vet. The cat continued, so she was taken to the vet today. Took X-Rays and blood work, filled her with electrolytes, and put her on a fast -- no food or water. Tomorrow we find out the blood work results. Oh, and remember the $260 from the first section? Well, the vet charged $250. *sigh* Oh well...
The Christmas tree was put up today, and Jen had been throwing up the other decorations. Er... perhaps I should have said putting up the decorations. I've been in SoCal for every holiday season of my life, and it's still weird to me that it's clear, sometimes windy, and typically 65-70 degrees. Tomorrow, the icicle lights go up on the outside, and the red and white rope lights go around the tree to look, hopefully, like a big candy cane. Today, I'm finally putting up the wiring for my rear channel speakers. The problem is Jen wants molding to cover thw wire, so this quickish project is now going to take longer. *sigh* Oh well.


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Nov. 29th, 2002 02:21 pm (UTC)
Yay for spending money to save money!

Nov. 29th, 2002 02:27 pm (UTC)
I very intentionally typed that in as "off regular price" just becuase of your comment the other day. So nyeah! =P
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