Rialtus (rialtus) wrote,

Make mine spoiled!

Once again, the popular press is spoiling a storyline in Marvel comics on the day the book comes out. I'm going to mention the incident months ago here, so look away if you don't know. The press spoiled the fact that Peter Parker unmasked himself on the day that book came out. It was truly front page on all the major news sites. There is equal front page news about an event that came out in a comic today.

Now, let me not put all the blame on the press. I'm sure back behind the curtain somewhere is the Marvel PR department handing the comic and/or information to their news person to get the story out there, so that everyone witll talk about it. And it's working.

Or is it? Did people go into the comic shops to see why Peter Parker unmasked? Will people go in to see why what happened today happened? Or will they go in to try and buy on issue with the hopes that it will be worth money? I think it's more the later than the former. As such, Marvel will get the nice one time bump, but I don't think it's bringing in new readers. As soon as people find out that this is all tied into Civil War and that is dragging on for how many issues with side issues, and storylines crossing... well, people will have their eyes rolled up in their head and walk out the store.

DC is not without blame here either. But the incident today is all Marvel, and they get my attention. They will NOT, however, get my money.
Tags: comics
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