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Two quickees

1. Got a rare win at captioncontests. I only wish I understood what I wrote, or something.
2. Non-spoiler regarding Battlestar Galactica - FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK! And then you have the audacity to make me wait until 2008 after THAT?!?!?!?! FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK FRAK!!!!!



Mar. 26th, 2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
Man, EVERYONE on my flist (well, okay, maybe closer to 50% of it) is freaking out over BSG. It makes me want to try watching it again. *pouts* However, every other time I've tried I've been able to get through about twenty seconds before I barf and switch it off. The cinematography just really, really doesn't do it for me. (Quite the opposite.) And my reaction is so strong I can't bring myself to ignore it so I can get to the other stuff, such as, y'know, plot. Alas. And if only y'all on my flist wouldn't always be spazzing over it, I wouldn't feel the need to try again and again and again! *scowls* Grrrr.

*resigns self to going off and downloading the pilot episode anyway, bahhhhh*