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For the first time in over two years, my Message Waiting light on my work phone is not blinking. The light blinks when you have a voice mail. And for the past two plus years, I have been intentionally skipping1 a voice mail from a friend2 who left me her new cell phone number3. I’m such a bad friend that I haven’t called her, but friend enough that I did keep the message. For over two years.

It’s interesting to note that you can do some things like listen to your newest voice mail first4 on some systems. Of course, finding out things like this have led to my demise in this arena.

Uhm, yeah. Oops. I don’t know why, but I find it easier to update my LiveJournal, the bunch of people I know through here or other online places know what’s going on in my life than updating people I met through face to face contact. Heck, I have to remind myself to call my parents at times, because otherwise, I just won’t. Right now, I owe two of my closest friends from high school5 an update, since it’s been about a year since I last communicated with them.

Oh, and ain’t I a stinker for including footnotes6 and including people’s names? The names are in case someone does a vanity check and find the journal. Hey, it’s happened before!7

  1. #2, so it’s not marked read

  2. Raynee Reasor

  3. Which is probably no longer valid either

  4. #23

  5. Sarah Gordon and Ginger (Jaross) Mary

  6. Rialtus is a jerk. Pass it on!

  7. Isn’t that right, jelly_doughnut?
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