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Icon and interest meme thing

dorwrath put it in his journal, I offered, and here's my answer.
Instructions: Comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list and 3 icons for you to explain.

This is an icon that jaydlewis created for me for any topics covering Microsoft's Windows Server Update Services. That's a program that basically allows a corporate administrator (read: me) to deploy security updates just like Microsoft Update.

It's Keanu holding a banana like a phone. If that doesn't scream Odd, I don't know what does. So I snipped it and made it an icon.

Self created, and one I have since seen others use. In all of the multitudes of LiveJournalist (the regular icon), I like standing out (the differently colored icon). This was actually done in MS Paint.      ....      Stop laughing!

Interest: roomba. Roomba good. Roomba is one of iRobot's machines, and in this case, it's a vacuum. See, both my wife and I tend not to be the best for things like vacuuming, so having something that makes it easy or, better yet, does it for me, is good. I have two Roombas -- the Scheduler upstairs which does it's job every Friday when we are at work, and a regular one downstairs for whatever we need.

Interest: borg club. The Borg Club is an old pre-Internet Prodigy Services group that was formed on their Star Trek board. Remember the episode where Picard became Locutus? Someone came up with the idea that there should be a "distant cousin" of that group of Borg, whose names would all end in "-us" (or the equivalent sound). And this distant group would be fun-loving, going around assimilating pizza, pasta, and Pepsi (oh my!). This is where I met jelly_doughnut, and I have this listed in case someone from those glory days in the early 1990's goes looking...

Interest: upland. Where I live. Upland, CA 91786. The City of Gracious Living.
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