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Met with my boss on Wednesday. Was told that Monday I start working for a new boss. *doing the happy dance again* First thing I am supposed to do is update our anti-virus procedures, something that I've been trying to do for the last six months but the old boss wouldn't let me. Oh, and I think I get to ditch the on-call too. Sweeeeet....

Unfortunately, my friend Robert's boss was laid off the same day. He thinks that his group is next on the chopping block there at RatCo Interactive. Wouldn't surprise me, based on the stuph he's telling me. He's updating his resume, but is not thinking about finding a job immediately. He's thinking about finishing his college career (and I use that term loosely because of the bit that's coming up) at DeVry. Good on him. Of course, he's 30 years old and still living with his parents, which even he admits is annoying as hell. Hopefully he can get into a job that allows him to move out.

Okay, back on me now. *camera pan left* Jen and I went last night to a TV preview over in Ontario. Showed "Soulmates," a horrible drama (another term I use loosely) starring Kim Raver, and an average show called "City," a "Spin City" predecessor from late 1980's/early 1990's. Well, to me it was obvious that the purpose of this was not to view these shows but to view the commercials. This was further figured out when I did a net search and found this: http://www.teevee.org/archive/2001/05/09/ *shrug* Well, it got us out of the house for the evening at least.

Okay, I need to to back and pretend to work now...
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