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Lists of things

ComputerWorld has a list of the Top 10 dead (or dying) computer skills, though the list isn't necessarily in order.
1. COBOL (though they refused to capitalize it...)
2. Nonrelational DBMS (waits for comments from zarchasmpgmr)
3. Non-IP netowrks (because SNA, IPX, NetBEUI, and AppleTalk were just that great)
4. cc:Mail (never did like this)
5. ColdFusion (already?)
6. C programming ("It's not just C, it's C++!")
7. PowerBuilder (too mundane now?)
8. Certified NetWare Engineers (so much paper, so little talent)
9. PC network administrators (because a lot fo this gets outsourced anyway)
10. OS/2 (...but was it ever really alive?)

USA Today, in celebrating their 25 years of existance, listed the top 25 inventions that changed our lives since 1982, and this is in order. So in reverse...
25. Karaoke - Uhm... okay.
24. Home satellite TV - DirecTV and Dish Networks have brought gobs of channels to the public, forcing the cable industry to react.
23. Purell - easy, portable, and affordable santitizing solution
22. TiVo - OH YEAH. Totally changed the way I watch TV, and I'll never go back to being forced to watch TV at a particular time again.
21. StairMaster - Try to find a gym without one of these.
20. Disposable contacts - made contacts cheap and easy... for you punks that can wear soft lenses.
19. Big Bertha golf clubs - Changed the game or so I've heard
18. Online stock trading - No longer did you have to go to a stockbroker. You could lose your money directly.
17. High-tech footwear - ...especially for people who want to steal them?
16. Microwave popcorn - Burned Jiffy Pop no more!
15. PowerPoint - cause of many deaths. =)
14. Electronic tolls - Don't have to carry a roll of quarters anymore.
13. Flat-panel TVs - Where there's a wall, there can be a TV.
12. Doppler radar - Why The Weather Channel has celbrities
11. Digital cameras - Don't like it? Delete it and take it again.
10. Lettuce in a bag - You no longer are stuck with iceberg, coring it, rinsing it, draining it, and leafing it to make a salad.
9. Pay at the pump - Go inside to pay? Pschaw!
8. iPods - One of the factors that lead to the demise of Tower Records
7. Lithium rechargable batteries - We're no longer tied to AAs, D Cells, and others to have decent power to portable devices
6. DVDs - Will be old in 10 years or less, but the digital replacement of analog technology was great.
5. Caller ID - Who's calling?
4. Debit cards - From TFA refering from Visa's introduction of this in 1995, "Ten years later, debit card transactions exceeded those on credit cards."
3. BlackBerries - The first big push to integrate email and phone in an affordable price with ease of use.
2. Laptop computers - Computers on the go, where they used to take a floor of the building.
1. Cellphones - Lead to the death of pay phones, freeway call boxes, and peace and quiet.
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