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I have been testing a few comic collector softwares, mainly to inventory my collection but also to possibly sell some things I no longer feel the need to keep. Fine. There are three bigs in this field from what I can tell -- the new Comic Collector Live, Collectorz Comic Collector, and ComicBase. So I've been playing with the evaluation versions.

Last night, I had ComicBase installed and decided it wasn't for me. I went through their uninstall and everything turned wonky on my machine. Seems ComicBase, upon uninstall, takes out *any* font it thinks it installed, whether the font was there already or not. So it ripped out Tahoma, which is the font Microsoft predominately uses in Windows XP for the system. Many other applications also rely on this system font, and this stupid stupid comic collecting database program went and unistalled it without a care in the world.

Thankfully, either XP or Office detected that the font was missing and reinstalled it on my system in a manner of minutes. But HELLO! This is version 11 of the software. While I realize that this started on Macs, you've been doing Windows versions for some time now. Don't you think you ought to figure out how a Microsoft Installer package works?

ComicBase -- off the list.
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