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I doubt NetFlix is offering it's customers anything because of the power outage the other day, so why in the name of any deity should anyone expect LiveJournal to offer compensation for the EXACT SAME OUTAGE? Still trying to wrap my brain around the entitlement of some people on LJ.

Yes, LiveJournal was the last of SixApart's services to come up. Someone had to be last. LiveJournal has millions of customers who do NOT pay for their service, and many who do either in the form of accepting ads or actual payment of money. Vox is small, and probably easier to bring back up because of it's size. All TypePad customers actually PAY to use that service. Sorry, but LiveJournal would be lower priority to me too, and I'm saying that as a paid customer. Frankly, I think the people who are in a tizzy over this need to build a bridge and get over it.

Okay, we now have a host for The Price is Right. People are complaining without having actually seen his work. That needs to stop. And I don't need to continuously hear about Drew this and Drew that either. I have never been a fan of the show, and this isn't something that will compel me to suddenly turn into one.

People, myself included, need to be more understanding about effort. I put a lot of effort into sometihng at work only to have it pretty much spat upon. I was trying to liven up a VERY droll boring topic, and for all that, I got disrespected. Well, folks, next time you get the boring for thirty to forty-five minutes. Don't blame me if you want to take your life into your own hands at that point, because I could have at least made it FUN for you. Whatever. Moving on...

Had to write a check Friday, and I started the year 19... So I'm stuck in the last century still.

Countdown is just finally starting to get some legs, some 12 issues into it's weekly run. DC, you need to organize thing better. It's no surprise to me that people expected to see something significant going on already. All we've seen is setup for something larger. Cool, but bad for a weekly book. And to announce Final Crisis a full ten months in advance... wow. I wonder about the reasoning for doing things like this at times. Darwin Cooke is leaving The Spirit at issue #12. I will stop pulling The Spirit at #12. Cooke "got it", and I'm not sure that anyone else in this day in age can get the simple joy that is The Spirit. Maybe Jeff Smith, but since he's going to start up RASL soon (which I'm torn on collecting individually or waiting for a trade)... EDIT: ... and then this post happened, which is saying Jeff Smith may actually be the new person on The Spirit. Cautious optimism... END EDIT Gail Simone: "Basically, I have no idea about what's going on in The Search for Ray Palmer." If that's not a sign of fractions within DC, I don't know what is. Gail Simone is current the writer of The All-New Atom, and Ray Palmer is the past Atom. One would think that, since Ryan Choi is a player in the search for Ray Palmer, Simone would at least be aware of the story...

The four day Comic-Con passes sold out some time ago, then Saturday, then Friday, and now Sunday is sold out. It's now practically to the point where you have to pre-register to be there amongst the massive crowds of people, being pushed around just to get a glimpse of some people who create pop culture. I missed out on going to Comic-Con many years ago when my friend Robert was going and could get me vendor tickets, and there's no way I'd go now. WAAAY too many people. I'd rather hit Newsarama and Comic Book Resources to hear what's going on from the comfort of my air conditioned house, spread out on the couch all by myself.

I do wonder, however, what the next few years hold for Comic-Con. It's clearly bigger than ever, and shows no signs of being smaller. San Diego has relatively great weather in July, and it has the hotel space to hold the throngs of people. The next logical place to hold that many people and more, with the convention space and hotel rooms, is indeed Las Vegas. But Vegas is horribly hot this time of year, which is a huge issue. Yes, the insides of these places are air conditioned, but sheesch it's oppressive outside. And the hotels, well, let's face it -- they are going to jack the room rates pretty high because Comic-Con goers are not going to be big gamblers. This is one of the issues that plagued Comdex when they still had the show. So I'm not sure how successful a Vegas Comic-Con would be. But what's the alternative? Either stunt the growth of Comic-Con, expand it to a longer show (which has issues of it's own), or move it.

Speaking of Vegas, I've been looking at the room rates for our trip in November. Sheesch are the regular prices high in Vegas! We'll get a decent rate from a few of the hotels we visit up there, just because of past spending in their casino. But this trip is not about gambling, especially given that the friends we are going with aren't the best off financially. I don't expect to get a lot more taken off the room charges, nor do I expect that my next rate at that casino will be great. The alternative is staying way off strip, which is fine too. Just means driving in, parking someplace, and staying around the Strip. *shrug* I really hate Vegas on the weekend...

I think I may cancel my XM subscription. I prepaid for three years, which is coming up for renewal in a few weeks according to a mailer I just received. I haven't listened to XM for several months now. At home, I have the Sonos and have been playing with Rhapsody, various Internet radio stations like Club 977, and of course my own media library. At work, I'm now too busy to have music on, even as background noise. In the car, I'm typically listening to Mark and Brian if driving to San Diego, or KNX news radio any other time. The one exception to that is Saturday and Sundays from noon to 5 pm, when Jeff Levy is on the air. I find him irritating. I think he doesn't provide any useful information over the air, since most people who call end up getting (presumably) resolved off air. The rest of the show is him shilling from whatever vendor paid him. Back to the point of XM though, why pay for service I'm no longer using? Sad, since I really do like the service, but just don't listen any more.

As you may have noticed, my posting here to the ol' LJ and my replies to your posts has been more sporadic. Work and all is really kicking me around, and I don't see that getting better. I'm actually pondering a second blog for technical information. I'm pondering that as an off-LJ blog. I'm also pondering a shift from LJ for my personal blog too. Haven't had a big chance to investigate alternatives, but I really want to host it on rialtus.com. I assume I'll syndicate it over here via RSS.

I'm not sure why I'm so grumpy, but that's the other reason I haven't posted. I generally try to not be grumpy. I've now been pretty bad for almost two months, and I fear there is a medical reason for it. I'd rather stay away than be pissy, so I have stayed away.

The Mozilla Foundation is spinning Thunderbird away. Is it relevant? Are there that many people who are using fat email clients for personal work still that make Thunderbird a priority? I moved rialtus.com over to Google Apps for your Domain after the fall of mailshell.com and haven't been happier using a web interface. Even the cruddy old mailshell interface allowed me to triage effectively and reduce my dependency on a fat client. I thinking about movng Jen over to rialtus.com's Gmail services from Outlook. She has Outlook because she has Office, which she uses for work. Well, she uses Word and I got a free copy of Office, so why not have Outlook? *shrug*

Okay, I'm done now. Thanks for listening. Or not.
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