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Hooray for little battles

On Friday, when Jen got home, she noticed that the pants I was wearing had a hole in the rear where the wallet is. This is on my only pair of black slacks, so I'd rather like to get a new pair. On Sunday, wlatzed into Target, which was surprisingly not very busy, and meandered aimlessly towards the mensware section. After finding a confusing array of shirts and shoes, I found my way to the slacks, which were conviently on sale. Tried on the size I've worn for a wihle, and they were still too big! Tried on a size smaller, and they fit snuggly. So, officially, I've dropped a pant size. I was so happy I bought three pairs of slacks. (Well, that and the other pairs I have are showing signs of rattiness, and they were on sale....). w00t! Go me! Go me! =)

Weekend came and went. Nothing spectacular happened.

Reminder -- Hollywood Squares has their Game Show Week this week, and there will be audience shots that should have me, Jen, and our mothers (as well as most of the LA atgs posse) in them! *shameless plug for someone with a video grabber goes here*