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Question for those more savvy than I

Some people may find it funny that I, a person who works in the computer industry, would need to ask a question like this. To those people, I simply brush aside their mocking and ask the question again to see if they know the answer.

So, to which, the question: I have a DVD and I would like to take a few screen captures of that DVD. When trying to basic, obvious things like, uh, PrtSc, I get this wonderful screen capture of everything *but* what I want, which is conviently blacked out like it was copy portected, probably because it is. But I shall not want this to deter me, and thus I ask you, the people of whom may have experience on matters like this, if they have information on this.


Sep. 9th, 2007 10:09 pm (UTC)
It should be somewhere in the display properties or in the options of the program playing the DVD. I had the same issue earlier this year. I can't remember what I did, outside of finding the solution by Googling "enable overlay" and possibly the model of my video card...