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Amélie. Robin at work keeps trying to get me to watch this, and I finally did. Eh. I am glad I didn't pay money to see it, but it was interesting enough I suppose.
Batteries. I've had them die in both my laptop and my cell phone in the last two weeks. Gugh.
Contact lenses. I finally got my new lenses. After having not worn them for two months, it's very tough to wear them again.
Dryness. That's what my new contact lenses are causing - lots and lots of dryness. It's like I had Gold Bond in my eyes.
Estelle Getty. Poor gal.
Floppy disk. Yeah, I said floppy disk. I needed one to transfer data from a friends old computer to her new one. Stupid Windows 98 on a old computer without an Ethernet jack.
Grand Slam. No spoilers, but I watched the finale today.
Hawaii. That's where Jen is right now. She and several of her girlfriends left this morning and will be returning Friday.
Ingenious. This was the free giveaway of the day earlier this month, and it's a very fun game.
Jen. I could go on and on about this woman, but I don't want to bore the dickens out of all of you.
Kyle. Whether it be Minogue, MacLachlan, Rayner, or XY, Kyle seems to be the name of the game.
Laundry. Oops. I got to get stuff out of the dryer. Excuse me for a second...
Murray Head. Why is it that every time I hear an 80's station, they constantly play One Night in Bangkok by this guy?
Narnia. Finished reading "The Last Battle" yesterday. Hadn't read that series since I was a kid, so it was nice to go back again.
Omlete. That was breakfast this morning, before shuffling Jen to the airport.
Project. Microsoft makes free viewers for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio, but is there one for Microsoft Project? Nooooooo! Gugh.
Quechup.com. Looks like a site trying to be LinkedIn.com, but horribly slow.
Reaper. I've been trying to figure out things for this upcoming season, and this is the only show on CW that even interests me.
Strawberry Lemonade. Since I am not drinking sodas, this has turned into the benerage of choice for me.
TiVo. Rolling out TiVoToGo and MultiRoom Viewing to Series 3 boxes.
Universal Studios. That's not where company night is this year. It's SeaWorld.
Vegas. Going in mid-November to see Billy Joel. Again.
Wiki. I just may be starting one shortly.
XM. I didn't remember to cancel the service, so I still have it in the car. Never take it into work anymore.
You know how hard it was to do this list?!?!?
Zombie Fluxx. Already ordered.
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