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What I’m not sure of is how this compares to SMS 2003 SP3’s Asset Intelligence feature. AIS sounds like repackaging the AssetMetrix product, taking your inventory offsite to be manhandled and presented back in a logical form, whereas Asset Intelligence sounds like it brings that same intelligence into SMS.

Either way, this could really be some cool stuff. SMS doesn't provide the easiest reporting at times, and being able to more definitively understand what is installed on the computers in your realm is a major task that needed more clarity. AssetMetrix did this as a service, where you loaded an agent on the machine and it sent inventory data to AssetMetrix, who crunched it and presented web based, friendly information to the asset managers. AIS looks like the Microsoft rebranding of that software they acquired. But Microsoft has since brought that intelligence into SMS 2003 SP3 and made it avaialble in Web Reporting. Since AIS is only available to those who have MDOP, and I would guess that most who have MDOP have SMS...what's the market for this? *shrug*