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We are still fine and out of harm's way. Jen's school was closed yesterday and today due to the smoke more than anything.

They allowed entrance to our data center yesterday. There was some smoke damage apparently but that's about it. The area in general is still having issue with debris mostly, so they are running a skeleton crew.

My team member who was evacuated Monday morning is still out of his house. He keeps calling home and the answering machine picks up, so he is practicing cautious optomism.

Another team member was evacuated late Monday and was told yesterday that he would be out for another day or two. He lives in Carlsbad and has a newborn boy, so it is concerning.

Yesterday was the first day we really got ash at the house. Presumably it came from the Lake Arrowhead and/or Devore fires. We actually don't get a lot of wind where we live so the thought is that the wind is blowing the ash to our area where is can finally settle. As long as it's ash and not embers, I am fine with that.

More later when I am not typing on my phone. (thumbs...ow...)

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