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Day 1 down

While I took in 2,531 calories, which is a bit more than the 2,450 I was supposed to, I did exercise again with a half hour walk. That took my effective calorie count to below where I needed it to be. Yah me!

And here's the thing - today I didn't really change my eating habits much. The first bit here is getting in and doing discovery. I'm learning the tools of this trade, as it were. That said, I did look up food before I went to Carl's Jr. for lunch. That didn't stop me from ordering a small french fries, but I did order the Charbroiled BBQ Chicken sandwich instead, and water instead of any soda.

I'm feeling good. Apart from my public posting here, I also sent a version in email to a lot of people at work, as well as people I ride the train with. There are now two other people on traineo.com with me. There are people who are asking questions. There is an outcry of support. I likee!
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