Rialtus (rialtus) wrote,

They say it never rains in Southern California...

Doing better today food wise. Knowing that I still haven't gotten to the store for snacks, I split my muffin in two. Half of that was breakfast along with the till too bitter coffee, and was nibbled on most of the morning. Around 10:30, the other half of the muffin was ... well, devoured. But I know why - I was distracted by work and caught myself mindlessly eating. A-ha. Another thing to watch.

After lunch, I still have about 60% of my calories and fat, and 48% of my protein available to me. This will help since we are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate someone's birthday. I have already looked at the menu, and I think I have some good choices to make, even with the cream sauce on them.

The one thing I think that's really going to suck for me is drinking. I don't normally drink sodas or alcoholic beverages when dining out, but will zero in on strawberry lemonade. And I usually drink that like a fish. While there's no fat involved, it's got calories. Too many calories in each and every glass. *sigh* So it looks like I need to focus on controlling thrist a bit and using water more, while I enjoy 1 GLASS of strawberry lemonade.

In ohter news (yes, there are other things I talk about!), the weather outside is frightful. Well, not yet, but it's supposed to be a dozy out there later. I am ever so thankful for Metrolink, and will likely be cursing later tonight in the traffic going to my friend's dinner.
Tags: weight loss
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