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Slow week

Things have been sporatic around these parts of the Journal. Seems I've had more fun commenting on others journals than posting in mine own, so this is an attempt to rectify thiat.

Well, that was exciting, wasn't it? Work is crusing along, and I will be on vacation after Friday. Tomorrow I will be rebuilding a server out in Redlands, which is relatively close to home. Well, not really, but it's against traffic, which is rarely bad. Tonight, Jen has something going on with her sorority, so I'm on my own. Since I've been negligent on buying her Christmas gifts (shudder), I'm going out shopping tonight. (shudder s'more). If I survive to see Redlands tomorrow, I'll be lucky. =) Suggestions for Jen's gifts are welcomed in the comments section.

I've had quite a bit of fun playing over at FLASHGames. Told my friend Greg at work about the High Rollers game, and he's addicted. dazztardly, you've done an amazing job on those, and my hat's off to you!

Still trying to figure out what do do for a honeymoon. If you have suggestions, they are also welcomed as a comment. Realize that we are playing for the wedding and honeymoon, so cost is a consideration...

My friend and former roomate Nick Steel is just a hoot. He likes to drive fast. He likes driving fast so much that he actually has a race car. Last year, he sold this blue Camaro to buy this Silverado in order to haul this non-street legal racing Camaro around. Then, earlier this year, he decided he missed having a street legal rocket, so he bought this red Camaro. Now, he's contemplating getting a 2003 Z06 Corvettes because they "really haul some serious ass." Where is he going to put three cars, a truck, and a trailer?!?! Boys and their toys... BTW, I inspired his site name. He decided he wanted something unique yet weird, and discovered noid.org was available. I told him that his server name should be para, and thus para.noid.org. He ran with it. =)

Okay, back to the salt mines. BTW, I like some of my newer icons! =)