Rialtus (rialtus) wrote,

It's magic, we don't have to explain it.

I dropped Amazing Spider-Man after this fiasco known as One More Day. I've frankly been wanting to drop Spidey for some time, but it was the one book my wife liked because it still had humour in it. Of course, knowing this I got Invincible, Hero Squared, and a few other books. She still wouldn't let me drop Spidey, even after Sins Past, The Other, and the Civil War tie-ins. Mind you, this was the only Marvel Universe book we were buying at the time.

Then came One More Day... spread out over MONTHS. And then, specifically, ASM 545. I finally convinced her that this was bogus and should be dropped. She agreed. We won't be sticking around for Brand New Day.

On Newsarama, someone asked Erik Larsen if there were any Image titles they should chek out, since they had a bit of change, having dropped ASM. Let me answer that question here - BUY INVINCIBLE. You will be so much happier with this purchase.
Tags: comics
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