Rialtus (rialtus) wrote,

I could never get the hang of Thursdays

I posted this information via my phone, but it didn't come through... There was an accident on ye ol' Metrolink train Thursday morning. Had I gone to LA that day, that would have been the exact train I would have been on. No injuries on the train or on the ground. From a friend of mine who was on the train, it was a gruelling ordeal where the train was no able to be moved, nor were the passengers able to be offloaded. Meanwhile, since there are two tracks where the accident occurred, other trains went right by them to LA. They finally got to Baldwin Park, where many passengers disembarked and took taxis back to Covina.

But I wasn't there.

Nope, instead I was in Las Vegas (not a word mcfeeley) enjoying some well deserved time off. We left fairly late, just in time to be stuck in the traffic from a major accident that closed southbound I-15. We were taken off the freeway just south of South Point Casino. We went in there and asked for guidance and directions. They were very kind there and did indeed provide directions to bypass the closure. Had I had access to this technology, I would have shaved about 40 miles off the trip by using NV-164. Oh well.
Tags: vegas
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