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All of my FLAC files have a corruption in them. Even though they are playing fine, they all have an MD5_MISMATCH. Seems that WinAmp does something screwy when encoding the file that doesn't 100% meet the specification, probably with the tags. Now, after having download the real FLAC, I have to re-encode the existing FLAC files (FLAC.EXE -f {file}). All 7,129 of them, in 671 directories. Time to crank up the old VBScripting skills...

Why go through all this? Because I then need to turn around and convert the files from FLAC to M4A files using dBpoweramp, so that I can then secretly load them onto an as of yet unpurchased iPod for my wife's birthday. If only Apple would natively support the FLAC format, this would never have been an issue...

On a side note, the Eagles have released their new album Long Road Out of Eden in FLAC format (including the deluxe edition).