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Odd request

Jen and I are planning our final May vacation. Our May vacation is our anniversary trip, where we celebrate each other and our commitment to each other. This, as I say, is our last May vacation, because Jen's schedule at school is changing, meaning she won't have May off anymore. This trip is to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary to boot, so we're going out with a bang.

I think, given all this, you can understand why we aren't meeting anyone while on this trip. However, given the location chosen, I think I'd be foolish not to consult with the friends list about places to go and things to do.

So, with the understanding that we'll be in the area and not meeting anyone, does anyone what to share things that we should see, do, or eat in Chicago?



Feb. 18th, 2008 04:38 am (UTC)
sadly touristy even though I live here...
EEE YOU'RE COMING HERE. Don't worry, I read the entry. ;)

Anyways! Chicago museums are fantastic and they have a CityPass for five good attractions. (The Hancock's observatory has better views, although the Sears Tower is the Sears Tower, natch.)

For the record, I went to the Field Museum a couple weeks ago and I'm going to the Shedd Aquarium this week. XD

I would also hit up the Art Institute, which has world-class art (think Ferris Bueller *koff*) It's also conveniently sandwiched between Millennium Park and Grant Park - both of which are also worth a look-see.

Since it should be pretty nice out in May, I would also recommend taking the Metra train out to Brookfield Zoo. It's maybe a half-hour out of downtown and well worth it. There's also Lincoln Park Zoo in the city itself.

Something I think you'd be especially interested in is the Museum of Broadcast Communications. I haven't been in a reeeeally long time, but it was pretty freaking cool when I went.

As for food, well, I'm a total plebeian. But I do know that Superdawg is delicious and also on the list of 1000 places to go before you die. That counts for something, right?
Feb. 18th, 2008 04:40 am (UTC)
Re: sadly touristy even though I live here...
p.s. I really want to do the Devil in the White City tour. Boy, I have nerdy suggestions.

Also Wicked has an open run if you haven't seen it. I highly recommend it!
Feb. 18th, 2008 05:11 am (UTC)
Art Institute, for me, is a must. I'm a big fan of Nighthawks, and since that's where it is... American Gothic too.

Jen's been to Wicked at the Pantages three times now, and I've seen it once. =)