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Odd request

Jen and I are planning our final May vacation. Our May vacation is our anniversary trip, where we celebrate each other and our commitment to each other. This, as I say, is our last May vacation, because Jen's schedule at school is changing, meaning she won't have May off anymore. This trip is to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary to boot, so we're going out with a bang.

I think, given all this, you can understand why we aren't meeting anyone while on this trip. However, given the location chosen, I think I'd be foolish not to consult with the friends list about places to go and things to do.

So, with the understanding that we'll be in the area and not meeting anyone, does anyone what to share things that we should see, do, or eat in Chicago?



Feb. 19th, 2008 08:12 am (UTC)
Passing in from lambertman's journal.

Since this is a big deal of an anniversary, I'd recommend skipping the Hancock as an observatory and going there for dinner instead. The Signature Room is on the 95th floor, one up from the observatory. The disadvantage is that it's kinda rude to get the full view, but the good side is that the southern view is the one you want. Make your reservations early, and arrive an hour beforehand to get a window table.

I'll highly recommend the CityPass (as mentioned earlier). The Shedd Aquarium is a lot of fun, the AI is amazing (there's actually a special Hopper presentation coming soon, if I've been reading the ads correctly), The Museum of Science and Industry is geared toward kids, but still entertaining for grown-ups (only plan this one if you're driving... it's pretty far removed from everything else).

Spend two days with the AI. There's not enough time in one day to fit it in.

Food depends on what you like and how far you're willing to travel for it. I've already mentioned Signature, which is pricey, but a great place for a special occasion. We've got diners and grease huts, some world-class chophouses, a thriving Chinatown with several outstanding places for dim sum, Greek, Italian, burgers and, of course, pizza.

Since I don't know you, I'm at a bit of a loss for what to recommend. Also, since you didn't say anything about how long you'd be here... well, let me mention a few places you should go.

Chicago's Pizza and Pasta - Outstanding pasta, alright pizza, decent wine list. The place has a casual, open feel... especially at the Montrose location. Rustic. Attentive service. I take almost everyone that visits to this place.

Gino's East - A good pizza discussion in Chicago could easily end in bloodshed, so all I'm going to say it that this is my choice for real Chicago deep dish. Every place has their something, and different people respond to different touches. I love the crust at this place. Not everyone agrees with me. If you want bready crust, go to Giordano's... if you're a sauce person, you'd probably like Uno (although, I recommend Due, because you can get Uno anywhere). I'm not sure what Lou Malnati's niche is, and there are so many real Chicago pizza houses that I could go on forever. Still, Gino's East is my choice.

Golden Apple - Just a standard diner, nothing really exciting about it. But I do love my breakfast, and I also love a good diner.

Sadly, I'm going to hold back on recommending a chophouse in the city, since I haven't really been to any. But, if you're up for a drive, try finding Al Capone's Hideaway. It's fantastic, the steaks are heaven sent, and the French onion soup is still making my mouth water three years later. Worth the drive.

And Margie's.

Ask me for more, if you'd like. If you do, give me some guidance. :-)