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A new day has dawned

NYE was nice. Drove out to Tony Harrison's house in Valencia and rang in the new year with many familiar faces -- Tony Harrison, David Hammett, Aaron Solomon, Jade Mills, Mandel Ilagan, Chris Clementson, Caleb Nelson, and Brian Conn, along with respective SOs and various "friends of." Played a few games, including Taboo. I've never played that before, and I'll just say now that I like it very much! Makes me wonder about the TNN game show, which has a preview on Sunday in case you didn't know.

Stayed the night at a hotel in Valencia rather than fight the crazies on the road. Woke up and left breakfast at IHOP about 11ish. Went home via Pasadena and got stuck in some of the residual Rose Parade traffic. It wasn't horrible, but still sucked, ya know? Came home and checked up on stuph. Went to Bed Bath and Beyond, then to (finally) see Star Trek: Nemesis. It was better than the last film, but still a bit too slow for me. I'll still get the DVD when it comes out, especially to see a few scenes that flew by rather rapidly in the film that I'd like some detail on.

I'm going to be cutting back on my posting here on LJ, mainly because I need to focus on work when at work. So if you don't "see" me as much, you now know why. I've also cut a few people from my friends list. No harm intended -- it's just an effort to keep my head above water.


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Jan. 2nd, 2003 06:55 pm (UTC)
Ooh, cool people! Bet it was lots and lots of fun!
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