Rialtus (rialtus) wrote,

PSA regarding Carl and earthquakes

In reference to jumbach's posting about an earthquake and zarchasmpgmr's comment regarding the Northridge earthquake specifically, I thought I would mention something here.

If there is a major (read: 7.0+ and/or one with heavy damage) earthquake in SoCal, you can either expect me to be absent from this here journal for a while or using it to communicate with a lot of other people quickly. The absent bit is more than likely because I'll be working, given that I work for a major utility company in SoCal and work in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. This combination could lead to a very busy Carl. The other bit involves me using the journal as a quick status message board, at which point I'll probably have most posts plublic and available for anyone to comment on so that family and friends can check in.

Just sayin' up front that these are both possibilities.
Tags: earthquake

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