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An open letter

Dear Amazon.com,

You and I, we go way back. I think our eleven years together have been great, and because of that, I feel I can be truthful and honest with you in a way that I have seldom been with a company.

Sometimes, you are patently stupid.

I recently ordered a trilogy of books, which were being released in one month cycles. I also added a DVD which was recently released. I selected the ship everything at one time option, because I have plenty of other things to do between now and May when the last book is released. I was happy with this arrangement, knowing I’d get everything at once. Maybe you’d send the DVD early, since it was already available, but the books would be at once.

A month or two has past, and that’s fine. Out of the blue, though, you sent me an email saying that you’d be sending one of the items to me early at no additional charge, because you’re just that kind of company. Okay, swell. I didn’t think anything of it and went about my business. Yesterday, when I got home, there it was – my small package of joy from you to enjoy early. I opened this package up to find, not the DVD that has been on the marker for two months now, but one of the books. And it wasn’t just any book from this trilogy. Oh no, you outdid yourself here Amazon.com by sending only the SECOND book of the trilogy early.

I know you are trying to be helpful, and I appreciate that, but what kind of a person reads the second book of a trilogy first? Doesn’t that just seem, I don’t know, counter-intuitive? I think the only person who has ever been able to get away with starting something in the middle like this is George Lucas, and we all know how well that ended up what with the Gungans that died.

So as I said, patently stupid you are sometimes.

Love ya anyways,
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