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Home from MMS 2008. I'm thoroughly exhausted but it's worth it. zarchasmpgmr will feel snarky when I mention that one of the main focuses at this conference was talking about virtualization. Specifically, there was discussion about server virtualization -- specifically the upcoming System Center Virtual Machine Manager which manage Hyper-V, Virtual Server, and VMWare ESX. The was discussion about Microsoft Application Virtualization, which is the next version of the software Microsoft purchased in 2006. SCCM 2007 R2 will integrate Application Virtualization 4.5, which eliminates the need to have yet another infrastructure to manage. It also will allow for reporting of virtualized applications within the regular reporting site, which has always been an issue when trying to deal with asset management. Also announced was System Center Operations Manager 2007 Cross Platform Extensions, which allows SCOM to manage many Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX servers. Very cool stuff -- if it works.

Noticably absent was any major discussion about System Center Service Center, which was touted at MMS 2006, and System Center Data Protection Manager, which Microsoft has been trying to shove down our throat since MMS 2005 IIRC. Frankly, I didn't mind the absense of these products.

The conference itself was at The Venetian in Las Vegas, and will be there next year as well. While the room itself was nice, as you may have seen from previous posts with pictures or from their web site directly, I wasn't thrilled with this location. First, to get to the very nice room, one had to take no less than two elevators and walk quite a bit. If I caught the elevators correctly, it took me seven minutes to get from my room to the conference floor. While I need the exercise, it was a bit excessive in my opinion. Also, the food at the conference, while still plentiful, was less than satisfactory. The wireless access was very limited, which also was unsatisfactory. At Mandalay Bay as well as San Diego Convention Center, the wireless was plentiful and food great.

Thursday night I played a table game for the first time in my life. Several of us had gone over to the Casino Royale after the daily conference. Several of the peoplewere playing craps, which I find thoroughly confusing. Ben was sitting at the roulette table, and I watched him for a bit. After a while, I plunked out $40 and played. A few hours later, I walked away from the table with $60 and had a blast. I think I've found a new game for the next time Jen and I go to Vegas.

Speaking of which, Jen and I leave Monday morning for Chicago, as previously mentioned. The weather looks to be ... partially wet. Humpf.

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