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I'm still okay...

So I get to the Metrolink station in Montclair this morning and see a train already there and everyone standing outside. Ugh...It's gonna be one of those days. Seems that the horrible winds that are still blowing around here (up to 90 mph?!?!) caused a few trees to fall onto the tracks, thus closing the line at Pomona. They were queuing everyone at Montclair, because that's where there are buses as well.

Well, that just sucks. So I go to the Riverside Line of Metrolink about 15 minutes away and jump on that train when it shows up. I'm running horribly late for work (about 45 minutes), but it sure beats driving. I get in to LA, and start doing my thing. Pull up a local news website to see what's going on, and I find out that the San Bernardino line is now open. All I had to do was wait there for an hour instead of going to the Riverside line. Sometimes, I just can't win....

And I won't admit to watching Joe Millionaire last night either. You won't find me making wise-ass jokes about how much Crocodile Dundee has changed, and how poor he must be to be a servant now. No cracks about the chick biting the string of pearls to see if they were real. And you won't find me laughing at the previews for next weeks show where all the women are doing hard work. Nope, not a single comment one. =)


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Jan. 7th, 2003 09:56 am (UTC)
I watched the premiere of Dirty Rotten Cheater and got hooked. I do admit that Joe Millionaire did look engrossing, but I decided against it.

No wind out there yet, but lots of fog!
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