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Who is The Mole? Week 2

This was formatted for LJ, not RSS feeds. Therefore, there is no cut and you just get the whole thing. This is your warning.

So we have a football game versus a bicycle built for two. In a fairly predictable manner, the football team got their defeat handed to them. And afterwards, trying to get to the gondolas, the team splits up with one group taking a shortcut. Hm. If I were The Mole and someone wanted to take a shortcut, I would 100% agree with them if for nothing than to split everyone up.

Jon waiting with drinks offering the taxi is a classic host move, and I hope we see more of that. Jon is sadly no Anderson, but he's gladly no Ahmad either.

Love the pig jokes. But having Bobby in the wheelbarrow is so wrong. That team was full of lose and made The Mole's job easy because they didn't have to sabotage anything.

Who is The Mole?


I'm sticking with my gut on this for no reason than stubbornness. Her reaction at not being executed seemed a little off to me...

All guesses to date:
Week 2 -- Victoria
Week 1 -- Victoria

I can't wait until we have the return of Tiiiiiiiny Bubbles. They have just have to...



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Jun. 13th, 2008 05:27 am (UTC)
Bobby was just plain sad. Only because his behavior seemed so obviously mole-ish, i'm not thinking he's it.

I stand by my original picks:
The Science Teacher
Nicole is my 2nd pick
Victoria is my 3rd.

Science teacher dude's behavior changed between eps 1 and 2 in a way where he got super demanding, when he was all weepish last week. That was suspect to me.
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