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Rialtus on Twitter

  • 09:22 King Taco is coming to Montclair! (Mtn/Holt) #
  • 09:27 ...correction - Ontario. Whatever. It's close and oh so good... #
  • 09:38 iPhones are, once again, not being able to be activiated. Same thing happened when iPhone v1 came out. Why can't Apple/AT&T get this right? #
  • 10:56 Vista Compatibility Center is now live. www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/ #
  • 12:14 ADVICE: I would avoid any iTunes updates today or tomorrow. A lot of people are reporting timeouts resulting in bricked iPhones and iPods. #
  • 12:15 @itiparanoid13 Do tell... #
  • 13:23 I love it when geeks and business people fight. Wish Dave was around to help me mock these people. #
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