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Who is the The Mole? Week 8

This was formatted for LJ, not RSS feeds. Therefore, there is no cut and you just get the whole thing. This is your warning. Also, I have not read the blogs or posts from anyone else on this.

In the "How's the View?" game, I loved how Jon started talking in baby talk. That's epic! Smart of Paul to say he was getting feedback, but obviously that's not true since, ya know, the producers can see it all. Hm, Nicole spoke after Craig asked. Both Nicole and Mark need to learn understand how to use the camera - or do they? Craig on that board is scaring the crap out of me. Nicole didn't even have his feet in view as he was walking the plank.

Final exemption in a game called "Cell Out". I figured out the puzzle while Jon was talking about the paintball bit. It wasn't that hard. The brutalness of this is that the sniper doesn't know who has the exemption, so if they want it, they have to shoot everyone. Since Mark has the exemption, I won't hear the end of this for another week... Paul added $15k to the pot though. I just love how Mark was sitting there calm during the execution while everyone else was sweating it.


So Who is The Mole?


If Nicole is The Mole, then she's the worst Mole evah (even counting the celeb versions). Mark, as much as everyone else seems to think he's The Mole, has added a lot of money to this pot. If he's The Mole, then he didn't do a good job of sabotaging the game. Craig is awfully goody-goody, which means... that this season hasn't been great. And yes, I'm pretty much expecting Craig to not be The Mole at this point, given my choices... (Victoria, where are you?!?!?)

All previous guesses:
Week 7 -- Paul
Week 6 -- Clay
Week 5 -- Clay
Week 4 -- Kristen
Week 3 -- Victoria
Week 2 -- Victoria
Week 1 -- Victoria

And where the smeg are my TINY BUBBLES?!?!?!



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Jul. 30th, 2008 04:51 am (UTC)
After last night's episode, I'm starting to think that Craig may actually be The Mole. Right now, I'm about 70/30 Mark/Craig.

When they had the four cells, I was thinking "man, I hope one of those cells has Don Ho on!"
Jul. 30th, 2008 07:09 am (UTC)
I so wanted to see Nicole go before Paul (if this were a fictionalized drama, I would say that the Paul character has grown the most).

Working on the assumption that Nicole isn't the Mole (I'm still at 99% certainty on that), I would have to say that Craig is the Mole and Mark will win the game. Yes, all these people are paranoid as all get out, but you don't get to the final three without being smart. Mark/Craig have to be thinking that Nicole is overplaying her supposed role. So whichever isn't the mole just needs to "track" the other to win. Nicole, on the other hand, still has to have that 50/50 uncertainty (unless she actually took time out of her community theater performance to actually play the game). Good work, Lady. You had better not be the mole. And by the way, you make me ashamed to be an Illini.

(It's been so long since the previous seasons so I don't remember. Does the Mole meet with producers or anybody during the game for updates? I have to think that if Nicole were the Mole, she would be told to turn down the obviousness. I know I harp on that point but grrrr--I don't want her to be it.)

(Reposted to reflect its proper place in the thread)
Jul. 30th, 2008 04:13 pm (UTC)
Does the Mole meet with producers or anybody during the game for updates?

Yes, they do. During the interview taping sessions, the Mole talks with the producers about what is upcoming, and is given specific instructions and/or information. In a lot of cases, it is up to the Mole's discretion whether or not to actually perform the sabotage. Since the producers are around for the interviews with the other contestants, there's no tip-off to the others as to when the Mole is being interviewed.

This was described in Series 1, during the final show. Coop tells all. :-)
Jul. 30th, 2008 03:01 pm (UTC)
so my top 3 moles are in the final three. my order is Mark (still#1), then Nicole then Craig.

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