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Who is the The Mole? Week 9

This was formatted for LJ, not RSS feeds. Therefore, there is no cut and you just get the whole thing. This is your warning. Also, I have not read the blogs or posts from anyone else on this.

"I'm in the final three, and Paul's not here. I love this game"

Tick Tock Boom. $50k on the line, all or nothing, and no instructions. Time zones can be a bit tricky. If I were NOT The Mole, I would be double checking everyone's work. Craig helped out by pointing out the big ol' clock in the room. Mark made sure they continued the decoding. Nicole had several errors in map looking. Cutting purple and ... no boom today. Boom tomorrow. There's always a boom tomorrow.

Straight into Three to Tango for $75k. This sounds very Amazing Race-ish. $75k or information that could get you past the last execution? "Can we go back?" Funny Craig... Jon rolled his eyes! Nicole once again had issues, and Mark is not using a map? Now this is the time when people what aren't the The Mole might, even more than before, do mole-ish things so that the other contestant votes for them and thus eliminates that other contestant. Craig just happens to come up with a theater name. Hm. Yeah, he's been studying but c'mon! Empanadas... yum. Both guys calling in at the end at the same time. And gee, everyone knows about that bridge that Craig wants to see. Awfully handy that.

And Mark's decision is ... dossier. Interesting. Craig sounds like he's targetting Mark. Money bumped to $420,000 so Jon can say something easy from now on out. Final quiz is 20 questions, which I thnk they did before too. "If I have the wrong person, it doesn't matter." Ain't that the truth, Mark. Nicole's speaking to the camera seemed... stilted. You know, I still miss Victoria and was so sure it was her ... until it wasn't.

So Who is The Mole?


I stand my this. Mark has generally been a deciding factor in getting money into the pot until this last mission. And is was just a bit convenient that Craig made up that name and had talked so much about the bridge, which HAPPENED to be the final location. That last bit could have been info givne to him before, which makes me very suspicious.

If Nicole is The Mole, I'll be disappointed. If Mark is The Mole, then I'm really curious what and how successful he was in sabotaging.

All previous guesses:
Week 8 -- Craig
Week 7 -- Paul
Week 6 -- Clay
Week 5 -- Clay
Week 4 -- Kristen
Week 3 -- Victoria
Week 2 -- Victoria
Week 1 -- Victoria

No fricken Tiny Bubbles. Sheesch. What kind of Mole game is this?!?!
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