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When Jen and I went on our honeymoon a bit over five years ago, one of the places we stayed was Washington, D.C. While there, we ended up for dinner one night at a place I had never heard of before called Ruby Tuesday. I know at least half of my friends list is now saying something like "WHAT? You've never heard of Ruby Tuesday???" to which I say "Isn't that what I just said?". We never have had these stores on the Pacific coast, so it was not even in my realm of knowledge that the chain existed. We ate there and gave it a resounding "Eh." The food was okay, but nothing special it seemed. Don't ask me what we got, because it's been over five years now and I don't remember.

Anyway, we went out last night with my parents to dinner at a local resteraunt called Lotus Garden (mmmm...) and Dad needed to get some petrol on the way home. We drove down Hospitality Lane in San Bernardino to go to Costco, and on the north side of the street was a Ruby Tuesday. *double take* Yup, that's what it was. Mom mentioned that they just opened this past week and didn't know anything more about the place. So I go online to see how many of these are even in SoCal. Yeah, that would be one. In fact, there are only four in all of California right now. (Roseville too!)

It seems a little odd to me that they would launch into the SoCal market by way of San Bernardino, but I suppose the land was cheap and there is enough traffic by that area to do so. Still odd. It will also be interesting to see where they go from here. More SoCal stores? Advertising?
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