Rialtus (rialtus) wrote,

Quasi live-blogging: Metrolink accident

Engine in front pulling. It'll be interesting to hear if the push/pull argument comes up again.

That first passenger car is completely demolished. It looks like the engine actually went into that first train, and the last two cars disconnected and pushed back.

If only two people died, that will be amazing.

My aunt from Yucapia just called to make sure I was ok. Heh. She wasn't sure where Chatsworth was?

NBC4 just showed 4 people covered with white sheets. CBS2 is reporting 6 dead.

This makes the second time that they've been lucky to have facilities close by - fields in this case, and Costco previously.

And now the Mayor is saying 10 to 15 dead, but this is speculation.

CBS2 is now saying "Up to 20 dead, 100 hurt". And here it is, in prime time (8 pm), and both CBS2 and ABC7 have coverage. NBC4 thought it was more important to air "America's Toughest Jobs".

Just got an email from my work. Still trying to contact two employees who may have been on that train.

News conference is starting. Mayor says it was head-on. That means engine to engine.

David Hammett just mentioned all local VHF channels except KNBC were covering this up to 8 pm.

Reported on CBS2 (Randy Paige) is bringing up push/pull and reporting as news that this would have been worse if this was push. There is enough dissent on this topic to make me think this shouldn't be reported as news, but an opinion.

Cadaver dogs were brought in from Kern County.

Just heard there was another incident in Corona tonight at 5:10 where someone went around the crossing arm that went down. Train came and hit her, killing her and delaying the train. One person on the train injured.

LAPD officer among the dead.

10:42, and all the firefighters and police are lined up, saluting. The officer's remains have been brought out.
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