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Practice cautious optimism

I can't believe that I have nothing to read on the train right now. I couldn't stand the DS9 book that I was reading (Warped, if anyone cares), so I skimmed to the end. I picked up what I thought was a new version of Simon Singh's The Code Book, only to find out that it is the book that I've already read. Sigh...

Played Russian Roulette Interactive for the first time last night. You know, GSN has actually got something there. To me, RR is an eh game, but with the interactive portion, it's just plain out and out fun!

Rebuilt my laptop at work today. It was a slow day, and this needed to be done, so... Still missing a few minor things like Visio and Project, but I'll catch those on Monday when I'm back at GCT. (Gas Company Tower, for those that don't know our lingo, which is to say all of you...)

Jen and I are going to our friend Wallace's tomorrow for Independence Day. He has a place in the hills of La Verne with a great view of the valley below. We and a grouping of friends go there every year for the Fourth to watch the fireworks and eat the BBQ. Hope everyone has a safe Fourth.