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The air ... inside?

You know, the Super Bowl in San Diego is done. California is no longer host to an international event that will be seen by millions. Can we have some real weather now? It was frickin' 88 degrees here yesterday, and today is expected to be 81 degrees. Now, I don't need rain, because the roof still isn't on the house, but some non-summer weather would be nice!

(Yeah yeah yeah... whine bitch moan...)

I won't be TiVoing Queens Supreme tonight, but only because it's not on. I think it is yet another witty Oliver Platt television show, but this guy is in contention with Ted McGinley for having TV shows cancelled it seems. While QS hasn't yet been cancelled, they are removing it from the schedule for sweeps because it wasn't bringing in more people than Robbery Homicide Division. It's being replaced tonight with *gack* 48 Hours Investigates. Bleech... who needs CBS anyway!

Looking at what TiVo's got for tonight... Coupling on BBCA, Mister Sterling on NBC, John Doe on FOX, and Penn & Teller: Bullshit on SHO. What a rip roarin' good time tonight, quite unlike the staff meeting that I'm going to have in a few minutes. I'll be dialed in via phone conference from home, due ot the roof. Oh what FUN!


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Jan. 31st, 2003 11:59 am (UTC)
Up here in the valley, it's 41 degrees and foggy! When should I expect you, and what do you want for dinner? :-)

(There should be a plane leaving Ontario for Sacramento any minute . . .)
Jan. 31st, 2003 02:24 pm (UTC)
*snicker* Gee, and here I am stuck with the roofers. Oh darn.

=) for the semi-sarcastically impaired.
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