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Workin' for a living...

Yeah, I'm at work today. Kinda sucks, but so many people took today off for holiday that it's very dead. That plus I'm in San Diego today, which is about 10 degrees cooler than home is, so it's a good thing.

Meeting with my new boss to actually be told what I'm doing, plus going over the strawman project planning stuph related to my anti-virus upgrade project. I hope he's not going to make me do a full on project complete with formal project plan and all of that, but I might because the director likes that sort of thing. Fine... it'll be good experience I suppose.

Yesterday was cool. Smaller crowd at Wallace's than normal. The fireworks at the Pomona Fairplex weren't great, though La Verne and Claremont's were. Surprised that San Dimas did one, since I thought the fireworks went off from where the plane crashed yesterday. *shrug*

Tomorrow is Jen's family reunion. I don't understand how they can have an annual family reunion. Just somehow doesn't make sense to me. But maybe that's because I come from a small local family versus the larger, spread out through California family that she has. Whatever. There's free food and people to fawn over us -- first reunion since the engagement, ya see. Most of these people will be down in May next year for the wedding so... I'll be nice.

Maybe.... *wicked grin*