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Borkee bork da bork...

From today's WinInfo...

Last week, niche browser-maker Opera Software complained that Microsoft was purposefully breaking its MSN Web sites so that Opera users couldn't get the full experience, despite the fact that the Opera browser is technically capable of correctly viewing the sites. So last Friday, Opera released a new Bork edition of Opera 7 for Windows that changes the MSN Web site into gibberish inspired by "The Muppet Show's" Swedish Chef. "This is a joke," an Opera spokesperson said. "However, we are trying to make an important point. The success of the Web depends on software and Web site developers behaving well and rising above corporate rivalry." Good point and good stuff, and yet Microsoft still hasn't fixed the problem.

Me, I'm laughing my keester off at this one... So much so that I am sending a link to this entry out to work people. *waves to the various work people who now know of my journal*