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Jen's Answers Part 1

As promised in my previous journal entry, y'all were invited to ask questions of Jen. Several of you have. Here's some answers, unedited as promised. Jen is hovering ove my shoulder to verify that the only thing I have changed is the return marks for formatting purposes. I am doing all of this, and I haven't even read the responses. *shudder*

If you haven't asked anything yet, there's still time...

missingdonut -- In a sense that is difficult to answer in that I don't read his live journals and don't really know what he is writing that makes you think he is interesting. Do I think he is interesting? Well, I should hope so! He knows a lot about a lot of different things, computers, music, movies, gameshows(as you all know) and he has the patience to explain and share it all with me! He also has a bit of a quirky sense and humor and he likes to make me laugh!"

dazztardly -- I really debated about this one and finally decided I should answer what truly popped into my head first. No, but he stays hard under whipped cream! He, he , he, as I get embarrassed that I am saying this!!!!

tomalhe -- Another hard one to answer, as I am biased. Of course he is the most brilliant and handsome man on earth because I am in love with him and marrying him!

jiggery_pokery -- I guess I would have to say his cold feet, which are not nearly as cold as mine but still pretty bad when they are placed against my belly!

hmtriplecrown -- I don't know!!! I wrote up this really long involved answer and decided that it was just a little too serious and personal, so I guess I'll just go for off the wall. He's too picky about food, I wish he would stop playing with his ingrown toenails and get them dealt with(like I did!) and...I wish he would let me listen to Country music in the house!

There you have it! :) Jen

Now I'm going to quickly post this so I can start reading!


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Feb. 25th, 2003 09:16 pm (UTC)
My own retort!
*shaking head* The next time I get a brilliant idea like having Jen answer your questions, or getting her a LJ account, remind me not to do so! =) (And no, she doesn't have a LJ by her own doing...)

I ... uh ... am a bit ... uh ... (sounding like Joe Millionaire) ... uh ... wow...

She does have frickin' FREEZING feet, I might mention. And for the record, rarely do I have ingrown toenails. That's why I am cutting into my toes -- to prevent them from being ingrown.

(Why is this suddenly all about feet?!?!) And she can play all the country music she wants... so long as I'm not within listening distance!

Okay, folks... any more questions for Jen?
Feb. 26th, 2003 05:41 am (UTC)
I believe that O_O is the only appropriate response to dazztardly's question's answer.

Have fun, and thanks for sharing... :-)
Feb. 26th, 2003 09:05 am (UTC)
Yeah... uhm ... well... you see ... *blushes* Definitely a O_O reaction on my part as well...
Feb. 26th, 2003 10:45 am (UTC)
In imitating Gimpy (tomalhe usericon), o_O

Very interesting replies -- especially to the one from the other Dan -- I hope you do this again.
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