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Weekend update

Birthday greetings go to hmtriplecrown and solcita.

I had the stangest thing happen today. Jen and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to register there. The person who was sent to help us, Ginny, is starting to go over the whole registry thing, and I'm looking at her thinking "I know her." There was a lull while Jen was filling out the paperwork, and I started asking her about some of the places I might have known her from. It took a while, but we finally figured out that we were in the same class in fourth grade. How I remember her face from 13 years ago, especially when I couldn't remember anything else about her, I'll never know...

Of course, this is on heals of a similiar thing happening with Jen while we went to On the Border. The conversation with the waiter went something like this:
Jen: I'll have a strawberry margarita.
Waiter: Is that a large one or a small one?
Jen: Small one.
Waiter: Jen Bell?
Ended up that the waiter was the younger brother and friend of one of Jen's high school friends. Spooky...

The Kohl's invasion of SoCal offically starts on Friday, when they simultaneous have grand openings for 28 stores through out the area. However, today they actually opened, and very few people knew it. That worked well for Jen and I, who browsed the store in relative calm. Friday will be hell for them, but today was nice. So far, I'm seeing that their prices, when on sale, are comparable to Mervyn's, though it does seem that many of their items are a bit higher quality. I think basically I found another place to buy some work clothes, but it's not going to make me abandon other stores.

Both the ST: DS9 and Red Dwarf Series 1 & 2 have arrived! w00t! For the record, that was released Tuesday and arrived Saturday, courtesy of the great people at PlayCentric. They are cheap, fast, and efficent -- recommended! Now I just need to find the time to watch them...
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