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A Matter of Trust

Never thought I'd have to deal with physical security access within my own house. I guess it is true what they say -- most security issues are inside jobs...

I'm really starting to get irritated with Jen's laptop. Bought her a laptop so that she could use it at work. They are heavily Mac based there, so everything is AppleTalk, which isn't supported by WinXP. Stupid Microsoft. Bought a little SoHoWare print server that plugs into the parallel port. The software requires either NetBEUI or IPX, which is stupid. Worked fine on my Win2K laptop from work.

Then, I tried to install on Jen's laptop. First, trying to get NetBEUI installed was a nightmare, because XP doesn't natively include it anymore. Was tempted to use IPX, but... Anyway, I then tried to install the software. Won't work. Tried it again. Still won't work. Come to find out that there is no XP support, and no plans for any. So it's going back to Fry's. Guess that's what I get for going with the cheap printing solution.

Except... Because of the AppleTalk bias at her work, I had to buy her a printer for work. While I realize that public schools don't have a large IT staff, you'd think that they would have actually implemented TCP/IP along with AppleTalk, if for no other reason than it's an accepted protocol! Almost implemented it myself, but it's not my place to work or support, so....

Currently watching True Lies, which is fine, but it's on A&E. Somehow, that's just ... just .... wrong.
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