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Training session

The subject of this post refers to the fact that I'm writing this while currently on the train heading to work. Why? Because this is one of the few times that I have available these days, it seems, to write anything in this journal. Work has been some sort of hellaciousness of late, between dealing with the influx of non-standard requests, security patch deployment issues, and Citrix administration. I'm not saying I mind any of this, mind you, just that I'm very busy.


I got a call from my grandmother this weekend, which was a bit unexpected. She is getting along in age (yes, a euphamism for OLD). She has always played out any issue she has to the nth degree, much to the dismay of any of us that deal with her. Well, a few years ago and after a great amount of hassle, she finally got a hearing aid. And, being the person that she is, she's had consistent problems with it, stemming from her general discomfort with the thought of having a hearing aid. Well, on Saturday she went out to dinner with one of her friends, who is further along on age and health than she. (What's with me and euphamisms today?!?!) They went to some resteraunt which was relatively busy, since there were only two tables available at the time. They had a miserable time because they just couldn't hear anything except for the noise of the resteraunt.

She's worried that the same thing would happen at the wedding, what with all the people and music there. And because of this, she's not going to attend my wedding. She doesn't want to bring down such a happy event.

I can't say that I'd surprised by this pronouncement, nor can I say that I'm not disappointed. This comes also on the heels of several people from Jen's side of the family, who went through great efforts to attend her first wedding, not traveling down from northern California for this wedding. Both Jen and I are kinda in a funk over these events, since we really wanted some of these people to be there...


Had a humourous moment writing the above. I had been mentioning my grandmother, and originally typed something about "our wedding" without having mentioned Jen. *shudder* Needless to say, I corrected this quickly, and will be taking a bar of Lava Soap to my brain to erase that imagery.


You might have noticed that I haven't mentioned anything for the last few months about my weight. There's a reason for that. I originally set a goal way back when of losing 30 pounds by May, bringing me to 230 in time for the wedding. I thought that was a very reasonable goal of losing 3-5 pounds a month. When I first started, the pounds were just jumping off my body, which was unexpected and wonderful. Then, the process slowed down, which was kinda expected. Then I hit a plateau at 235 pounds. I've been hovering at that plateau for the last several months. I've gained all the way back up to 240 pounds at one point. I'll shed some of those pounds and end up at 235 pounds again. I can't seem to break that magic number, and now my deadline of May is coming up fast. It's very discouraging. I felt after I saw my inital results that I would blow by my target fairly quickly, and might even be down to my ultimate goal of 200 pounds by May. Instead, I'm struggling, not having a good time of it, and am generally feeling very pissed about it.

I have seen the successes that people like Jen's friend Mary and my friend lambertman have had with Weight Watchers. That's great, but I'm having an issue with paying someone to tell me what and how to eat. *shrug* I also worry about the long term effects of doing something like that, as I fear gaining any of the lost weight back. I have a friend of mine, Dave, who was on WW for a while and was doing a great job of it. Then he got very busy at work and stopped the program because he didn't have the time to continue. Since then, I think he's gained some of the weight back, and can guarantee that he isn't losing the kind of weight that he was.


Jen and I volunteered the the Upland MS Walk this past Sunday. We have, in the past, actually walked the Walk in Redlands, and plan to again this year as well. (Full disclosure: My mom has MS, and does a great amount of work for the MS Society out of Redlands.) Well, there is a walk in the city we live, and I thought it'd be a nice idea to help out. So we walked up and volunteered. Mind you, most of the MS Society poeple there knew who I was via my mom and our past walks anyway... There ended up being over 1,000 people walking, collecting a total of over $91,000. The walk in Redlands in a few weeks is usually bigger than the Upland walk, so it should bring in over $100,000. I think it's great that people are willing to do this, and am glad I could help the event on Sunday.


The LA Public Library was closed yesterday in observance of Caesar Chavez's birthday. Kinda ticked me off, since I was going to return a crummy book and pick up another book that I recently found out they had. Grr...


Okay, we're getting close to Union Station, so I think I'll save this and post it when I get in. This had better/i> save, dangit...


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Apr. 1st, 2003 08:45 am (UTC)
I just got a flyer about an MS Walk coming up here in Sacramento. I may do it; I've donated money in the past, but if I have an excuse to walk I'll probably actually do so. I have a few relatives with MS (including my mother) so I know how horrible the disease is.

Have fun! If you can have "fun" walking, that is. :-/ (Only three weeks to go before I myself am in Redlands . . .)

Apr. 1st, 2003 02:19 pm (UTC)
Weighty issues
It's tough. I lost 50 pounds from 2001-2002. I've gained about 15 back, but I've started to drop weight again (I want to lose another 20). Cheri lost a lot (which wound up causing gall bladder problems), but has gained back a bit.

The 2 keys (and this advice is for free!):

  • Count calories. Most people underestimate their caloric intake. IMHO, that's more important than fat %.
  • Regular exercise, even if it's a long walk (and not off a short pier). Walk daily if possible, or jog (although that can be bad on the knees) or in some way burn calories. People forget that muscle repair also burns up calories.

  • rialtus
    Apr. 2nd, 2003 03:13 pm (UTC)
    Re: Weighty issues
    Count calories
    This is assuming that I'm on a formal diet. =) Basically, I've just changed the way that I'm eating based on my knowledge and not a formal diet (grapefruit, Atkins, etc.) diet. This means taking out the McDonalds and In-N-Out Burgers and putting in salads, fish, chicken, etc.

    Walk daily if possible
    Actually, I've taken to walking to and from the Upland Metrolink station each weekday, time and weather permitting. Mind you, that's a whole 10 minute walk each way, but it's something!
    Apr. 2nd, 2003 03:32 pm (UTC)
    Re: Weighty issues
    Counting calories Formal, schmormal. :-) As I think about it, I think we visit a fast food joint only twice a month, and normal restaurants about twice a month. Definitely helps the budget, too.

    Regular exercise 20 minutes a day is good, but according to lots of contradictory government studies, it should be more or less. :-)

    (I like the Upland ML station. They've done a good job with it.)
    Apr. 2nd, 2003 03:41 pm (UTC)
    Weight for it...
    (I like the Upland ML station. They've done a good job with it.)

    Ugh. You've obviously never driven to that station at any time after 7 am, looking for parking. It's a nightmare. That, plus I've got baggage due to having a window broken into while there... That's the main reason I drive to Montclair versus driving to Upland.
    Apr. 2nd, 2003 03:46 pm (UTC)
    Weighting for Godot
    You're right. I've only ridden through. From an asthetic standpoint it's nice. But I do now recall the lack of parking.
    Apr. 8th, 2003 07:39 pm (UTC)
    Weight loss suggestion
    Hi ... you might want to take a look at my little piece titled "Fitness in One Lesson," posted in the Miscellaneous Articles section of http://www.umbachconsulting.com. Might not tell you anything you did not know, but cannot hurt to look.
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