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Dis and Dat

Puckin' a!

In non-related news, I'm in a funk. Not much to post about, and thus the comment (or lack thereof) the other day.

I have to laugh every time I see one of those stupid MSN ads with the butterfly. Just reminds me too much of The Tick. SPOOOON!

The next Star Trek: Deep Space Nine book has been deplayed until *gasp* NOVEMBER?!?!?! gugh... that sucks.

We're starting to get wedding gifts delivered to the house. WHEE!!!...

Just found out that a couple we know who got married about a year ago are in the process of divorce. That sucks too.

Found this out via another friend, who offered to be our videographer because she thinks it fun. WHEE!

The egg thing works. (Those watching TWW will understand.) WHEE!

Created a community for Jen and I to post things. Of course, Jen's not on LJ (yet), but it's there. carl_and_jen WHEE!
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